Alan Wandell | NMLS: 486177

About Me

About Me

A mutual friend, family member, or real estate professional has most likely referred you to me. They know that my experienced team and I will help you achieve the greatest value in your quest to buy or refinance a home.

Here’s a little information about me. I started in the Mortgage business in 1992 and opened my own Mortgage Company in 1998. Since 2010 I have been managing my own Branch and joined 1st Financial Inc. in 2017. My clients and colleagues will tell you that I not only provide superior loan products and terms, but also a 5-Step Wealth Enhancing Strategy for your financial future that will make your home loan not a burden, but an invaluable tool that you will use to create a personal fortune you may have never thought possible. I will always be here to help, encourage, and educate my clients for each and every mortgage transaction they will ever need.

Unlike my competition, my business model is designed to take my clients’ entire financial picture into account when recommending a mortgage plan for them. This includes critical planning for retirement, college expenses, child care expenses, home improvements, investments, and many other elements of your personal financial picture. Aside from providing a smooth and hassle-free mortgage transaction, my main goal is to help each of my clients create, keep, and enjoy wealth, while maintaining the greatest measure of security and confidence. I will do this for you.

I very much look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your loftiest goals. Please feel free to call anytime. I’ll be by your side every step of the way.  Moving You Forward.